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Kayhan (Ky) Ekinci
Senior management and technology consulting executive with over a dozen years experience in developing and delivering innovative business solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. A blend of solid business/industry acumen and a background in implementing technology, Ky combines his keen interest in innovation and entrepreneurship to provide solutions that create a better bottom line, increased revenues and improved customer experience..


Clients include outbound wholesale tour operators, destination management companies, meeting & conference industry players, and incentive houses.   In ten years alone, we've seen dramatic changes in how people and organizations work, and it's only the beginning. Ky has developed a significant network of top industry professionals and visionaries that he collaborates with constantly and brings to every project.

Areas of Focus:
  • Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Implementation
  • Business Development, Establishing Sales Organizations
  • Processes Engineering, Restructuring, Rightsizing
  • Product Development, Positioning, Pricing Strategy
  • Strategic Relationships, Tourist Board Relations,
  • RFP Development, Proposal Development
  • Travel Technology Implementation
  • B2B and Consumer Marketing.

Expertise in Marketing Strategy and Planning, CRM, Analytics and Business Insight, Direct and Database Marketing, Interactive Marketing. Areas of concentration have included:

  • ROI driven integrated marketing campaigns
  • Blogging and editorial content creation
  • PR Campaigns, SEO-oriented Press Releases and Programming
  • Direct Mail and Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Build social media communities of significant size and engagement
  • Online performance analysis and reporting
  • Engage emerging technologies and content partners,
  • Media Planning & Buying


In 2008, Ky founded Office Divvy  ™ as the leading provider of Entrepreneur and Start-up services in the Palm Coast area. Creating a suite of innovative products, including office and virtual office solutions, phone answering, and online strategies, has positioned Office Divvy for aggressive growth and expansion via traditional and non-traditional franchise models. 

In 2011 Ky co-founded Palm Coast Media Online --a hyperlocalized provider of internet marketing, online directory services, and content, operating a dozen websites and blogs including the flagship


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Is Turkey an Entrepreneur-Friendly Country?
This study is very interesting in that it shows the average urban Turkish Citizen wants to go into business and thinks about new business ideas, but s/he is somewhat skeptical about support from within their own society as it relates to entrepreneurship. 



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